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Name Job title Email Phone number
Dr Kate Allen Senior Lecturer in Equine Sports Medicine
Ms Chloe Anderson Project Manager, Accelerated BVSC Programme Tel. (0117) 331 9225
Mr William Andrew Research Associate
Mrs Rachel Annan Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Mrs Katharine Anzuino Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Mrs Liz Arnold Lecturer in Veterinary Practice (Small Animal Medicine)
Mr Carlos Ayala Project Manager
Professor Allen Bailey Emeritus Professor in Biochemistry, Muscle & Collagen Tel. (0117) 928 9248
Professor Mick Bailey Professor of Comparative Immunology Tel. (0117) 928 9262
Dr Jennifer Bailey Honorary Lecturer
Professor Sarah Baillie Emeritus Professor,Professor Tel. (0117) 331 9065
Mrs Alison Bard Research Associate
Dr Emi Barker Honorary Research Associate Tel. (0117) 39 40513
Mr Alexander Barlow Honorary Lecturer
Professor Alistair Barr Professor of Veterinary Surgery Alt. (0117) 928 9280
Professor David Barrett Professor of Bovine Medicine, Production and Reproduction Tel. (0117)3319182
Ms Michelle Barrows Honorary Clinical Teacher
Mr Nicolas Barthelemy Honorary Research Associate
Dr Livia Benato Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Dr Ranjeet Bhamber Senior Research Associate
Mrs Sharyn Bistre Dabbah Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Miss Vicki Black Acute Medicine Lead
Dr Emily Blackwell Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare Tel. (0117) 3319320
Dr Lauren Blake Research Associate in Human Geography
Mr Colin Blakey Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9551
Dr Alison Blaxter Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9280
Miss Francesca Booth Specialist Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9234
Mr Kieran Borgeat Honorary Teaching Associate
Dr Kate Bradley Senior Lecturer Alt. (0117) 928 9454Fax Number
Mr Robert Brafield Senior Veterinary Post Mortem Room Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9527
Dr Harriet Brooks Brownlie Senior Lecturer
Dr Ellen Brooks Pollock Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health Tel. (0117) 3314064
Mr Steven Brown Honorary Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 928 9320
Mrs Sam Brown Term time only Teaching Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9551
Dr Louise Buckley Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9662
Miss Katie Bull Specialist Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9614
Miss Rachel Burt Research Technician Tel. (0117) 331 9128Telephone Number
Dr Deborah Butler Senior Research Associate
Miss Amelia Cameron Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Dr Gina Caplen Research Associate Tel. (0117) 3319326
Ms Alison Catterall Specialist Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9687
Mrs Jo Chambers Postgraduate Administrator Tel. (0117) 9289204
Dr Guillaume Chanoit Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Mrs Audrey Chanoit Lecturer
Mrs Rachel Christopher Senior Teaching Technician Tel. (0117) 331 9017
Mr Achilleas Christou Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Mrs Esther Clark Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 9253
Mrs Jodie Cleave Clinical Veterinary Science (Visiting) (PGR)
Dr Tristan Cogan Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases Tel. (0117) 331 9130
Miss Hannah Colton Undergraduate Selector Tel. (0117) 928 9676
Mrs Wendy Colton Receptionist and Administration Assistant
Dr Susan Conlon Research Associate
Mrs Marta Costa Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9519
Mrs Gwen Covey-Crump Veterinary Anaesthetist
Mr Nick Crabb e-Learning Support Tel. (0117) 928 9641
Mr Aled Daniels Abattoir Manager
Miss Molly Davidson Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (4yr),Molecular Neuroscience (MSc)
Mrs Jo Davison EMS Administrator
Dr Alexandra De Jesus Ferreira Honorary Research Associate
Dr Francesco Debenedetti Assistant Teacher, Veterinary Public Health Tel. (0117) 928 9237
Dr Sara Degl'Innocenti Assistant Teacher, Veterinary Pathology
Dr Sagi Denenberg Honorary Teaching Associate
Dr Julie Dickson Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Integrated Structure and Function
Professor Justin Dillon Honorary Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 4341
Mr Tim Dong Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Professor Andrew Dowsey Chair in Population Health Data Science Tel. (0117) 33 10051
Professor Philip Duffus Emeritus Professor
Miss Alice Dwyer Apprentice Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117) 331 9128
Ms Joanne Edgar Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9320
Professor Mark Eisler Chair in Global Farm Animal Health Tel. (0117) 928 9233
Dr Maria Paula Escobar-Tello Lecturer in Farm Animal Science
Mrs Melissa Fallon Veterinary Science (PhD) (Distance Learning)
Miss Susie Feest EMS Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 9381
Dr John Fennell EPSRC Innovation Fellow
Ms Serina Filler Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Miss Emily Finnegan Research Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9529
Dr Ijugila Fiore None
Miss Laura Fitzharris Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Dr Aiden Foster Senior Lecturer
Dr Ore Francis Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 1434
Mr Awal Fuseini Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Dr Rute Garcia da Noiva Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology
Ms Anna Garvey Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Mrs Karen Glen EMS Student Administrator
Mr Leo Gorman Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (4yr)
Miss Lindsey Gould Teaching Associate (Veterinary Clinical Demonstrator) Tel. (0117) 928 9511
Dr Ginny Gould Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 323 6187
Ms Patricia Grau None
Mrs Grace Grist Abattoir Group Technician Tel. (0117) 28 9684
Mr Andrew Grist Langford Continuing Education Manager,Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9502
Dr Rosemary Grogono-Thomas Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Science Tel. (0117) 928 9573
Professor Timothy Gruffydd-Jones Emeritus Professor Alt. (0117) 928 9280
Mrs Helena Hale Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Professor Edward Hall Emeritus Professor Alt. (0117) 928 9280
Professor Richard Hammond Head of School,Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9638
Mrs Anna Hammond Work Experience Placement Tel. (0117) 928 9620
Dr Ross Harley Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology
Mrs Donna Harraway Veterinary Post Mortem Room Technician
Miss Claudia Hartley Honorary Research Associate
Dr Suzanne Held Senior Lecturer in Animal Science Alt. (0117) 928 9401Telephone Number
Dr Christopher Helps Associate Professor in Veterinary Molecular Genetics Tel. (0117) 928 9242
Miss Guillermina Hernandez Cruz Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Dr Melanie Hezzell Senior Lecturer in Cardiology
Miss Angie Hibbert Veterinary Surgeon
Dr Joanna Hockenhull Senior Research Associate
Miss Jade Hoddinott Apprentice Tel. (0117) 42 82744
Professor Peter Holt Emeritus Professor Alt. (0117) 928 9280
Mrs Sharon Holt Technical Lead
Dr Susan Horseman Teaching Fellow in Clinical Companion Animal Behaviour Tel. (0117) 331 9065
Mr David Hughes Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Mr James Hunt Research Associate
Mr Nicholas Hunt TBRC Lab & Bio-Bank Interface Research Technician,Technician (Microbiology)
Mrs Andrea Jeffery Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 9662
Miss Francesca Johansen Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Dr Sam Jones Honorary Research Associate
Mr Tony Kelly Lead Slaughterman
Dr Andrew Kennedy Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9653
Mr Josh Kennils Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Dr Sophie Keyte Self-Employed Individual
Ms Rowena Killick Honorary Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 9557
Ms Lea Knezevic Marie Sklodowska-Curie Early Stage Research Fellow
Mr Timothy Knott Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow
Professor Toby Knowles Professor of Farming and Food Science Tel. (0117) 928 9214
Mrs Kimberley Kroll Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 19227
Mr Jan Kuipers Student and Information Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 9349
Mrs Elaine Kuipers Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 9645
Dr Sarah Lambton Lecturer in Livestock Welfare and Innovation Tel. (0117) 3319324
Professor Sorrel Langley-Hobbs Chair in Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery Tel. (0117) 928 9477
Mrs Debbie Langton Senior Molecular Technician
Mrs Karen Lawrenson Lecturer
Professor Michael Lee Professor of Sustainable Livestock Systems,Visiting Professor Tel. (0117)3319308
Miss Cath Lewis Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 1434
Mr Francois Liebel Honorary Teaching Associate
Dr Jeffrey Lines Visiting Teaching Fellow
Ms Beatriz Llamazares Cellular and Molecular Medicine (PhD) (4yr)
Dr Emma Love Senior Lecturer
Miss Steph MacDonald Specialist Technician
Mrs Julie Macfarlane Lecturer
Miss Nikki Mackie Research Assistant
Professor David Main Honorary Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9340
Miss Alison Major Operational Staff
Dr Evelyn Maniaki Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Miss Laura Marsh Senior Student Support and Admissions Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 9676
Miss Lucy Marshall Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Mrs Jenny Mason Lecturer Tel. (0117) 39 41683
Mr Jon Massey Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Miss Christina Maunder Senior Lecturer
Miss Larissa May Placement Officer
Dr Jennifer Mcdonald Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Justin McKinstry Technical Lead Tel. (0117) 928 9619
Dr Lee Meakin Honorary Research Associate
Miss Lucy Meehan Honorary Senior Teaching Associate
Miss Stephanie Meier Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)
Mrs Emma Mellor Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Professor Michael Mendl Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare Tel. (0117) 928 9485
Miss Abi Miles Teaching Associate (Veterinary Clinical Demonstrator) Tel. (0117) 928 9533
Mr Mick Millar Lecturer
Mr Robert Millard Slaughterman
Mr Bill Millard Health & Safety Officer,School Safety Officer Tel. (0117) 3319141
Dr Emily Milodowski Research Fellow
Ms Jan Milton Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 928 9200
Mrs Nicola Minton Postgraduate Administrator Tel. (0117) 9289630
Miss Louisa Mitchard Teaching Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117) 331 9128
Mr Axel Montout Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Miss Katy Morley Research Nurse
Dr Siobhan Mullan Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 9484
Dr Jo Murrell Honorary Reader
Miss Vikki Neville Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (4yr)
Miss Kate Norman Technician
Mrs Emma North Clinical Training Scholar Administrator Tel. (0117) 33 19192
Miss Alice O'Rouke Research Technician
Miss Sarah O'Shaughnessy Teaching Associate (Veterinary Clinical Demonstrator) Tel. (0117) 928 9533
Miss Charlotte O'Shaughnessy General Site Assistant
Mrs Anna Oliver Undergraduate Student Administrator
Dr Zoe Parr-Cortes Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (4yr)
Mr David Parsons Honorary Clinical Lecturer
Dr Kevin Parsons Honorary Clinical Teacher
Dr Liz Paul Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 9071
Dr Laura Peachey Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology Tel. (0117) 3319184
Professor Geoffrey Pearson Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Pathology Tel. (0117) 928 9520
Mrs Izzie Philpotts Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Dr Clare Phythian Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Dr Tom Podesta School Manager Tel. (0117) 928 9650
Mr Stuart Pope Operations Manager Tel. (0117) 928 9470
Mr Jon Prager Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Ms Ana Rabaza Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Mr Marco Ramirez Montes De Oca Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Miss Annie Rayner Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Miss Gwen Rees Honorary Research Associate
Miss Jenny Reeve Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9434Telephone Number
Dr Kristen Reyher Reader in Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Health Tel. (0117)3319321
Dr Ian Richardson Honorary Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 9291
Miss Veronica Roberts Senior Lecturer
Mrs Jennie Roberts Senior School Assistant Tel. (0117) 33 19193
Miss Beth Roberts Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (4yr)
Ms Claire Roberts Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Mr Rogelio Rodriguez Lopez Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Dr Emma Roe Honorary Research Associate
Dr Nicola Rooney Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9469
Mr Tim Sage Slaughterman
Dr Fernando Sanchez-Vizcaino Buendia Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health
Mr Richard Saunders Honorary Clinical Teacher
Dr Timothy Scase Visiting Teaching Fellow
Ms Hannah Schubert Senior Research Associate
Mrs Trish Scorer Senior Internal Verifier Tel. (0117) 331 9070
Mrs Ellie Sellers Research Associate,Teaching Associate (Veterinary Clinical Demonstrator)
Mr Mark Simmonds Visiting Teaching Fellow
Dr Louisa Slingsby Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 9453
Dr Caroline Smith Honorary ECC Lead Clinician
Ms Lucy Squire Teaching Associate (Veterinary Clinical Demonstrator) Tel. (0117) 928 9511
Mrs Ann Standen Deputy Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 928 9590
Dr Poppy Statham Network Manager for Animal Welfare Research Network Tel. (0117) 928 9261
Professor Christopher Stokes Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9243
Miss Nicola Swales Dermatology Nurse
Dr Taro Takahashi Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Livestock Systems and Food Security and Universit Tel. (0117) 903 4400
Dr Laszlo Talas EPSRC Innovation Fellow
Miss Carmen Tamayo Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Professor John Tarlton Professor of Regenerative Medicine Tel. (0117) 928 9266
Professor Severine Tasker Honorary Professor of Feline Medicine
Mrs Michelle Taylor School Administrator Tel. (0117) 3319204
Miss Amy Thomas Research Associate
Mr Mike Tier Bristol Cats Data Manager,John Oldacre Centre Research Data Manager
Ms Tracy Townsend Web and E-media Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9416
Mrs Chloe Traies Communications Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40181
Dr Anna Trevarthen Research Associate Tel. (0117) 3319326
Dr Katy Turner Reader in Infectious Disease Epidemiology Alt. (0117) 3310081Telephone Number
Miss Andrea Turner Honorary Farm animal clinician
Dr Nnenna Ugwu Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Dr Mathilde Valenchon Senior Research Associate
Dr Ed van Klink Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health Tel. (0117) 928 9654
Miss Lucy Vass Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Miss Sophie Venables Teaching Associate (Veterinary Clinical Demonstrator) Tel. (0117) 928 9434
Professor Sheena Warman Professor of Veterinary Education Tel. (0117) 331 9039
Mrs Helen Warner BVSC Assessment Coordinator and Manager
Mr Chris Warren-Smith University Subsidiary
Professor Avril Waterman-Pearson Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9400
Ms Michelle Webster Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 331 9068
Professor Anthony Webster Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9459
Dr Claire Weeks Honorary Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 9316
Mrs Sarah Weston Support Services Technician
Professor Becky Whay Honorary Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9474
Dr Claire White Specialist Veterinary Manager Operations
Dr Christine Whiting Research Support and Development Manager Tel. (0117) 928 9296
Dr Fran Whittington Research Technician Tel. (0117) 928 9258
Ms Claire Whitwell EMS Administrator Tel. (0117) 928 9598
Dr Ellie Wigham Clinical Veterinary Science (PhD) (3yr)
Mrs Jess Williams Research Study Co-ordinator
Miss Jody Williams Senior Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 928 9638
Dr Doug Wilson Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 9067
Mr Martin Witcombe Slaughterman
Mrs Sarah Wood Lecturer
Professor Jeff Wood Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9293
Professor Linda Wooldridge Chair in Translational Immunology Tel. (0117)3319210
Mr Stephen Wotton Honorary Senior Lecturer
Ms Emma Wright Clinical Veterinary Science (MSc) (R)