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Dr Andrew Doherty

Public engagement

Public engagement forms a large part of my remit. I have been heavily involved in Brain Awareness week for the last few years, as well as events set up as part of Science and Engineering week and the autumn British Association meetings. I have made a number of visits to local schools to talk about memory and the brain, doing hands-on activities with people of all ages to engage and excite them about neuroscience. I design and maintain the web site for the Centre for Synaptic Plasticity, including Brain Basics, a site primarily designed for a general audience. I have also recently taken over the development of the site for the School of Physiology and Pharmacology.  I am currently working on a project (Sciberbrain) in collaboration with the University of Cardiff and the Biochemical Society, to produce teaching and learning materials for GCSE science projects that can be used for work further to the national curriculum.