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Dr Jessica Roy

I am a lecturer in child and family welfare in the School for Policy Studies, having completed my PhD (social work) at the University of Bristol in 2018. I am primarily interested in, and engaged with, research which aims to inform and improve social work and clinical practice with children, young people and their families. 

Currently, I am working on three research projects. I am PI on an ESRC IAA project exploring the feasibility of developing an online learning resource for social workers around parental substance misuse in collaboration with the British Association of Social Workers. I am also Co-I on a Nuffield funded project starting in Autumn 2019 which is exploring discharge of care orders in the family court system. I also work on the NIHR funded ReProvide programme (IRIS+) with colleagues from the Bristol Medical School ( IRIS+ is a training and support intervention for general practice to improve the response to children experiencing domestic violence and abuse (DVA) as well as men and women experiencing or perpetrating DVA. 

Methodologically, I have particular experience doing case file analysis: my PhD explored the factors associated with social care outcomes for children living with parental substance misuse in England. The study was a retrospective longitudinal case note study and used bivariate and multivariate statistical analysis, including cluster analysis, to explore children's outcomes and factors associated with them.  I am also an experienced qualitative researcher, with experience of undertaking interviews on sensitive topics with children, young people and adults. I also have a keen interest in research ethics, and sit on the School's resarch ethics committee. 


Research keywords

  • Children and families social work
  • Child protection
  • Substance misuse
  • Quantitative and innovative methodologies
  • Risk assessment