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Publication - Dr Clare England

    Dietary management in people with an ileostomy

    a scoping review protocol


    Mitchell, A, Perry, R, England, C, Searle, A & Atkinson, C, 2019, ‘Dietary management in people with an ileostomy: a scoping review protocol’. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, vol 17., pp. 129-136


    REVIEW QUESTION/OBJECTIVE: The objective of this scoping review is to identify and map the evidence for oral dietary management of ileostomies.The primary review question is: what oral dietary strategies for managing ileostomies in humans have been reported?The secondary review questions are: i) what types of evidence have considered oral dietary strategies for managing ileostomies; ii) what aspects of ileostomy management (for example, stoma output or flatulence) are the oral dietary strategies considered to affect; and iii) what sources do people with an ileostomy receive dietary advice from?

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