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Dr Caryn Peiffer


Caryn is Lecturer in International Public Policy and Governance in the School for Policy Studies.


She received her PhD, in Political Science, from Claremont Graduate University, in California. Prior to joining Bristol, she held post-doctoral research fellowships at the Centre for the Study of Public Policy at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and at the Development Leadership Program, University of Birmingham. 

Caryn's research mostly focuses on the measurement, causes and consequences of corruption, and on the (un)intended impact of anti-corruption interventions. She has conducted qualitative field work in Zambia, India, Botswana, South Africa and Uganda; designed and executed field survey-experiments in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea; and has conducted multi-level, multivariate, and structural quantitative analyses, using data from over 100 countries.

Upon invitation, she has presented her research at DfID, the UK Cabinet Office, the USA State Department, Australia’s DFAT, Commonwealth Secretariat, Oxford, University of Cape Town, and Transparency International, and Caryn’s work has been covered by the Washington Post, NPR, BBC Radio, Australia Broadcasting Company, and Brazil's Time Magazine.