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Publication - Mrs Beth Tarleton

    Understanding disabling barriers

    a fruitful partnership between Disability Studies and social practices?


    Williams, V, Tarleton, B, Heslop, P, Porter, S, Sass, B, Blue, S, Merchant, W & Mason-Angelow, V, 2018, ‘Understanding disabling barriers: a fruitful partnership between Disability Studies and social practices?’. Disability and Society, vol 33., pp. 157-174


    Disabled people are regularly denied their human rights, since policies and laws are hard to translate literally into practice. This article aims to make connections between social practice theories and Disability Studies, in order to understand the problems faced by disabled people, using different methods to look in detail at how practices are shaped and how disabled people get excluded. Disabled people are active agents in making change, both informally on an everyday basis and through formal actions. Thus we also suggest that the insights of disabled people could bring a fresh perspective to social practice theories, by troubling the taken-for-granted in our everyday lives.

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