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Name Job title Email Phone number
Mr Mohammad Al-Batayneh Social Policy (PhD)
Ms Sue Austin Social Work (PhD)
Mr Alistair Bissell Education (PhD)
Mrs Gozde Burger Social Work (PhD)
Miss Suzanne Cheng Social Work (PhD) Tel. (0117) 985 8953
Miss Naomi Clarke None
Ms Tessa Coombes Social Policy (PhD)
Mrs Emely Dzuda Policy Studies (DSocSci)
Mrs Jackie Edwards None
Mrs Barbara Foster Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Neale Fox Disability Studies (PhD)
Mr James Garbutt Exercise Nutrition and Health Sciences (PhD)
Ms Adele Gardner Social Work (PhD)
Ms Franziska Harbich Social Policy (PhD)
Ms Ye He Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Gavin Hutchison Social Policy (PhD)
Mrs Jayu Jung Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Sang-Won Kang Social Policy (PhD)
Ms Juri Kim Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Seungjun Lee None
Ms Claudine Litvak Cooper Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Daniel Lombard Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Yasha Maccanico Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Brian Micallef Social Policy (PhD)
Ms Louise O'Connor Social Work (PhD)
Mr Francisco Palma Carvajal Social Policy (PhD)
Ms Hyunhee Park Disability Studies (PhD)
Mr Martin Preston Education (PhD)
Mr Joseph Essuman Quansah Social Work (PhD)
Ms Emma Ranger None
Miss Angelique Retief Social Policy (PhD)
Miss Victoria Rivera Ugarte Social Policy (PhD)
Ms Raquel Rosario Sanchez Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Angus Ryan Social Policy (PhD)
Ms Julie Scully Social Policy (PhD)
Mr Samir Seddougui Social Policy (PhD)
Miss Georgia Smith Health and Wellbeing (PhD)
Ms Greta Squire Social Policy (PhD)
Miss Chuthaporn Suntayakorn Social Policy (PhD)
Mrs Allison Tatton Social Policy (PhD)
Miss Selene Valerino Perea Exercise Nutrition and Health Sciences (PhD)
Mrs Maria Jesus Vega Salas Exercise Nutrition and Health Sciences (PhD)
Miss Shruthi Venkatachalam Social Policy (PhD)
Miss Mary Wakeham Social Work (PhD)
Ms Caroline Webb Social Work (PhD)
Mr Jon Wellington Social Policy (PhD) Tel. (0117) 39 41583
Ms Hen Wilkinson Security, Conflict and Justice (PhD)
Miss Bex Willans Disability Studies (PhD)
Ms Debbie Worrall Disability Studies (PhD)
Mr Bongjo Yi Social Policy (PhD)