Dr Torsten Michel

Dr Torsten Michel

Dr Torsten Michel
Senior Lecturer in International Relations

1.03, 4 Priory Road,
11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 0855

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

Teaching Fellow at the University of St Andrews 2008-2009, Lecturer in International Politics at University of Bristol 2009-2017, Senior Lecturer in International Relations 2017-


My research areas cover IR theory, International Political Thought, 20th century Continental Thought as well as the Philosophy of (Social) Science. My PhD thesis developed a Heideggerian critique of Critical Realism in contemporary IR theory and is currently transformed into a book under review with CUP.

My current research projects focus on the notion and nature of and conditions for trust in international politics. The second project rethinks the notion of death in international politics specifically focussing on politically motivated mass death.


I am currently teaching the following units:

POLI10003 - Theories of International Relations

POLI20005 - Understanding Genocide


In the past I have also taught

SPAIM3017 Foreign Policy Analysis.

POLIM3014 Theories of International Relations

POLIM3036 Theoretical Approaches in Security Studies

POLIM3034 The Politics of Genocide. Causes, Cases, Consequences

POLIXXXXX The Ethics of Political Violence


I am happy to supervise students working in the areas of IR theory and meta-theory (specifically in the areas of interpretivism and hermeneutics), International Political Thought and Security Studies broadly conceived

Key publications

  1. Michel, T, 2013, ‘When one world is not enough. Patrick Jackson's 'The Conduct of Inquiry' as a narrative of IR meta-theory’. Millennium - Journal of International Studies, vol 41., pp. 270-289
  2. Michel, T, 2012, ‘Time to get emotional. Phronetic Reflections on the Concept of Trust in International Relations’. European Journal of International Relations, vol 0., pp. 1-22
  3. Michel, T, 2012, ‘Under Heidegger's Shadow: a phenomenological critique of Critical Realism’. Review of International Studies, vol 38., pp. 209 - 222
  4. Michel, T, 2009, ‘Pigs can't fly, or can they? Ontology, scientific realism and the metaphysics of presence in international relations’. Review of International Studies, vol 35., pp. 397 - 419
  5. Michel, T & Richards, A, 2009, ‘False Dawns or new horizons? Further issues and challenges for Critical Terrorism Studies’. Critical Studies on Terrorism, vol 2., pp. 399 - 413

Latest publications

  1. Michel, T, 2018, ‘Of particles and humans: the question of ‘human being’ in Alexander Wendt’s Quantum mind and social science. Millennium - Journal of International Studies.
  2. Michel, T, 2016, ‘Third generation constructivism and the rhetoric of inquiry in international relations’. European Review of International Studies, vol 3., pp. 5-19
  3. Michel, T, 2016, ‘Trust and International Relations’. in: Patrick James, Karin Fierke, Annette Freyberg-Inan, Scott Gartner, Steven Lobell, Nukhet Sandal (eds) Oxford Bibliographies in International Relations. Oxford University Press
  4. Michel, T, 2012, ‘Trust, Rationality and Vulnerability in International Relations’. in: Amanda Beattie, Kate Schick (eds) The vulnerable subject: Beyond Rationalism in International Relations. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 86
  5. Michel, T, 2011, ‘Intentionality and the Publicness of Mind’. International Political Sociology, vol 5., pp. 91 - 94

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