Professor Steve Fenton

Professor Steve Fenton

Professor Steve Fenton
Emeritus Professor

12 Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 0852

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Englishness, Britishness: Nation and Class

Personal profile

Since retiring in 2008 I have continued to write and publish papers, many of them with Robin Mann, University of Bangor. The two of us worked together on the Leverhulme Project, based in the Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship; our project examined 'national identity and the ethnic majority'. My most recent publication (with Robin) was

Nation and national identity as a boundary: English, British and the European Union. Anthropological Notebooks. 2019. (with R.Mann)
In 2017 we published Mann R. and Fenton S. National Class and Resentment; the Politics of national identity in England Scotland and Wales, Palgrave Politics of National Identity and Citizenship Series, Palgrave Macmillan.  Much of this book came out of the work we did together on the Leverhulme project.
In 2012 the Journal Ethnicities published a special edition on class and national identity; I have two papers in this edition.
Jenny and I continued to live in Bristol until 2017 when we moved to Glasgow, mostly to be near our daughter's family - and our grandhcildren. There I continue to do some pieces of academic work. But a lot of time is now concentrated on my "second career" - as a woodturner. I have a purpose built workshop and strive to create out of wood some objects of beauty.


Fields of interest

I have a general interest in the field of Ethnicity and theories within that field. In 2010 the second edition of my Ethnicity was published by Polity. Bob Carter (Professor of Sociology, Leicester University) and I wrote a critique of "over-ethnicised sociology" in Not thinking Ethnicity: a critique of the ethnicity paradigm in an over-ethnicised sociology (Bob Carter and Steve Fenton) Journal of the Theory of Social Behaviour 40:1 1-18 2009 In addition to my continuing focus on Nation and Class, I am interested (but not 'researching') in the way in which global capital and global capitalism has recovered from the crisis of 2008. The ever-hardening hold of global corporate capital has profound implications for virtually everything that moves in society, economy and polity - and certainly for nationalist and populist politics and identities.

Latest publications

  1. Fenton, S, 2019, ‘Michael Banton’. Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol 42., pp. 342-343
  2. Khattab, N & Fenton, S, 2016, ‘Globalisation of researcher mobility within the UK Higher Education: explaining the presence of overseas academics in the UK academia’. Globalisation, Societies and Education, vol 14., pp. 528-542
  3. Fenton, C, Modood, T & Claire, S, 2011, ‘Academics and Globalisation’. in: T Modood, J Salt (eds) Global Migration, Ethnicity and Britishness. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 108 - 131
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  7. Fenton, CS, 2008, ‘The semi-detached nation: post-nationalism and Britain’. Cycnos, vol 25.
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