Dr Siobhan McAndrew

Dr Siobhan McAndrew

Dr Siobhan McAndrew
Senior Lecturer

2.02, 11 Priory road,
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 7536

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Social science of culture, religion and value change.

Personal profile

I research predominantly in the social science of culture: social network analysis of music; the quantitative study of religion and values; and the socio-political impact of ethnic and religious diversity.

I work primarily with quantitative methods, but in addition to using conventional secondary data sources also build datasets from biographies, directories and internet sources. I recently completed digitisation of an early random sample social survey, the Youth Research Council study of young people's religious and leisure life, conducted by the Newman Demographic Survey and Young Christian Workers in 1957.

My D.Phil., supervised by Avner Offer, was on the movement of opera into the public sector in the twentieth century.

Before moving into sociology in 2008, I worked as an Economic Assistant in the Civil Service, and as a consultant.


Crossley, N., McAndrew, S., and Widdop, P. (eds.), Music Worlds and Social Networks (Routledge Advances in Sociology series, in press). Including: McAndrew, S. and Everett, M., Chapter 4: ‘Symbolic versus Commercial Success among Female Composers’ and McAndrew, S., Widdop, P. and Stevenson, R., Chapter 11: ‘On Jazz Networks’.

McAndrew, S. and Everett, M., ‘Music as Collective Invention: A Social Network Analysis of Composers’, Cultural Sociology (2015, forthcoming).

McAndrew, S. and Voas, D., ‘Immigrant Generation, Religiosity, and Civic Engagement in Britain’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 37/1 (January 2014), DOI:10.1080/01419870.2013.808755 (paywall).

Voas, D., McAndrew, S., and Storm, I., ‘Modernization and the Gender Gap in Religiosity: Evidence from Cross-National European Surveys', Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 65/1 (December 2013), pp. 259-283 (paywall).

Voas, D. and McAndrew, S. ‘Three Puzzles of Non-Religion in Britain’, Journal of Contemporary Religion, 27/1 (2012), pp. 29-48 (paywall). Reprinted in Arweck, E. et al., Secularity and Non-Religion (Routledge, 2013).

McAndrew, S. and Sobolewska, M., ‘Mosques and Political Engagement in Britain: Participation or Segregation?’, in Peace, T. (ed.), Muslims and Political Participation in Britain (Routledge 2014).

McAndrew, S. ‘Religious Faith and Contemporary Attitudes’, in A. Park et al (eds.), British Social Attitudes: The 26th Report (London, 2010).

British Religion in Numbers (www.brin.ac.uk) online data resource, directed by C. Field and D. Voas, March 2010-present. Over 500,000 page views to date. Awarded British Academy Research Project award, June 2014

Selected Grants

‘Religious and Secular Morality in Europe’, Marston Family Trust, £166,000 (Co-Investigator). April 2012-August 2015.

‘Music Communities’, AHRC Follow-on Fund, Pilot Demonstrator/Connected Communities Programme, Feb. 2012-November 2013. £99,500. Principal Investigator.

‘Qualities of Connectedness and Psychological Resilience in England’, AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award, 2011-2014. c.£50,000 (Principal Investigator).

'Transmission of Religiosity in England in Historical Perspective', Nuffield Foundation Social Science Small Grant Scheme, July 2009. Digitisation and analysis of a 1957 survey of youth religiosity and leisure. £4,631.65.

Selected Reports, Working Papers

Schifferes, J., Cunningham, J. and McAndrew, S., ‘Channelling Talent: The Role of Social Networks in Recognising and Rewarding Talent in the Music Industry’, Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) Briefing Paper (forthcoming January 2014).

Lepper, J. and McAndrew, S. ‘Developments in the Economics of Well-Being’, HM Treasury Economics Working Paper No. 4 (2008).


As summarised above: social science of culture, religion and value change.


I'm a Q-Step lecturer at Bristol and in that capacity convene Principles of Quantitative Social Science, an undergraduate unit for second- and third-year students in Sociology, Politics, Social Policy, Childhood Studies and Law, a core unit for the 'with Quantitative Methods' undergraduate pathways. This unit introduces students to statistical methods and concepts: types of variables, correlation and association, sampling theory, hypothesis testing, and linear regresison models. Students also gain experience in manipulating data using Excel and SPSS.

From 2015-2016 I will be co-teaching the 'Advanced Quantitative Methods for Social and Policy Research' unit convened by Mircea Popa.

In 2015 I am convening 'Religion, Ethnicity and Value Change' as a Masters-level unit. This unit examines changes in social and political values as a source of secularisation and ethnic integration, alongside the question of whether new cultural cleavages are emerging in contemporary Britain, particularly in the civic realm.

I have supervised Susan O'Shea (School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester) and Mark Littler (School of Education and Social Science, UCLAN) to completion, and am Principal Investigator of a Collaborative Doctoral Award approaching completion by Lindsay Richards (CMIST, University of Manchester and Nuffield College, Oxford). I have also co-supervised Annie Austin (values and well-being) and Mahalia Jackman (religion and attitudes to homosexuality in the Caribbean), both doctoral students at CMIST, Manchester. I welcome prospective doctoral projects in my areas of interest: sociology of religion, sociology of culture, value change, life satisfaction, and religion and politics.

Fields of interest

Economic sociology, sociology of religion, sociology of culture, quantitative history, religion and values, politics and religion, life satisfaction.

Latest publications

  1. McAndrew, SM, O'Brien, D & Taylor, M, 2019, ‘The Values of Culture?: Social closure in the political identities, policy preferences, and social attitudes of cultural and creative workers’. The Sociological Review.
  2. Allington, D, McAndrew, SM & Hirsh, D, 2019, ‘Violent Extremist Tactics and the Ideology of the Sectarian Far Left’. Home Office, pp. 1
  3. Surridge, P, McAndrew, S & Begum, N, 2017, ‘Social Identity, Personality and Connectedness: Probing the Identity and Community Divides behind Brexit’’.
  4. McAndrew, S & Everett, M, 2015, ‘Music as Collective Invention: A Social Network Analysis of Composers’. Cultural Sociology, vol Vol. 9 ., pp. 56
  5. McAndrew, S & Sobolewska, M, 2015, ‘Mosques and political engagement in Britain: participation or segregation?’. in: Muslims and Political Participation in Britain . Edinburgh University Press
  6. McAndrew, S, Crossley, N & Widdop, P, 2014, ‘Introduction’. in: Siobhan McAndrew, Paul Widdop, Nick Crossley (eds) Social Networks and Music Worlds. Taylor & Francis Group, Abingdon
  7. McAndrew, S, Widdop, P & Stevenson, R, 2014, ‘The Jazz World’. in: Social Networks and Music Worlds. Taylor & Francis Group
  8. McAndrew, S & Voas, D, 2014, ‘Immigrant Generation, Religiosity and Civic Engagement in Britain’. Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol 37.
  9. McAndrew, S & Everett, M, 2014, ‘Symbolic versus commercial success among British female composers’. in: Social Networks and Music Worlds. Taylor & Francis Group

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