Dr Ryerson Christie

Dr Ryerson Christie

Dr Ryerson Christie
Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies

1.11, 4 Priory Road,
11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 0985

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

Canadian Security and Defence Forum PhD Fellow at York University 2001-2003; Canadian Consortium for Human Security PhD Fellow at York University 2003-2005.


My main research interests focus on the application of critical security studies to the analysis of human security, peacebuilding, and natural disasters.  My work has focused on how these shape the relationships between local communities, civil society and the state. I am particularly interested in the examination of the roles of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in current security practices. My research has had a geographic focus on Southeast Asia, and Cambodia in particular. I have been increasingly focused on the field of disaster studies, exploring how narratives of security impact upon vulnerabilities and disaster risk reduction strategies.


Ryerson Christie runs courses at the Undergraduate and Taught Post-Graduate level on issues relating to security studies, donflict and development, and post-conflict peacebuilding.  He is also currently developing a new Unit related to disaster management and resilience.

His approach to teaching derives directly from engagement with critical theory, combined with empirical depth on themes related to his courses. He strives to engage students a broad range of approaches to conflict, development, and peacebuilding,while encouraging them to enquire about the assumptions of theories, the type of politics they reproduce, and who they will benefit.  In the seminar room he seeks to provide innovative teaching methods designed to encourage students to participate in debates about the relevant literatures, and to relate these to contemporary issues.  He regularly makes use of role-plays, formal debates, close-readings of texts, and small group work, to foster critical engagement with course material.

Key publications

  1. Christie, R, 2008, ‘The Human Security Dilemma: Lost Opportunities, Appropriated Concepts or Actual Change?’. in: PH Liotta, DA Mouat, WG Kepner, JM Lancaster (eds) Environmental Change and Human Security: Recognizing and Acting on Hazard Impacts. Springer, pp. 253 - 269
  2. Christie, R, 2010, ‘Critical Voices and Human Security: To Endure, Engage or Critique’. Security Dialogue, vol 41., pp. 169 - 190
  3. Christie, R & Elizabeth, D, 2005, ‘The Ethics of Building Peace in International Relations’. York Centre for International and Security Studies
  4. Acharya, A & Christie, R, 2008, ‘Human Security Research: Progress, Limitations and New Directions’. Human Security Journal, vol 7., pp. 142 - 152

Latest publications

  1. Bretton, RJ, Gottsmann, J & Christie, R, 2018, ‘Hazard communication by volcanologists: Part 1 - Framing the case for contextualisation and related quality standards in volcanic hazard assessments’. Journal of Applied Volcanology, vol 7.
  2. Bretton, RJ, Gottsmann, J & Christie, R, 2018, ‘Hazard communication by volcanologists: Part 2 - quality standards for volcanic hazard assessments’. Journal of Applied Volcanology, vol 7.
  3. Bretton, R, Ciolli, S, Christiani, C, Gottsmann, J, Christie, R & Aspinall, W, 2018, ‘Volcanic Unrest Simulation Exercises: Checklists and Guidance Notes’. in: [tbc]. Springer Berlin Heidelberg
  4. Bretton, R, Gottsmann, J & Christie, R, 2017, ‘The role of laws within the governance of volcanic risks’. in: Advances in Volcanology. Springer Berlin Heidelberg
  5. Christie, R, 2017, ‘Gender, Humanitarianism and the Military’. in: Rachel Woodward, Claire Duncanson (eds) The Palgrave International Handbook of Gender and the Military., London, pp. 335
  6. Christie, R, Cooke, O & Gottsmann, J, 2015, ‘Erratum to: Fearing the knock on the door: Critical security studies insights into limited cooperation with disaster management regimes [Journal of Applied Volcanology: Society and Volcanoes 2015 4:21 DOI: 10.1186/s13617-015-0039-5]’. Journal of Applied Volcanology, vol 4.

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