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Publication - Professor Eric Herring

    Historical Materialism


    Herring, E, 2010, ‘Historical Materialism’. in: A Collins (eds) Contemporary Security Studies. Oxford University Press, pp. 152 - 166


    This chapter begins with an outline of the social scientific, philosophical and political dimensions of Historical Materialism (HM) and sketches how it connects to security and Security Studies as a field of academic enquiry. It goes on to explore the relationships between HM and approaches to security in a wider context (realism, liberalism, social constructivism and gender) and then to various perspectives on security (securitisation and the sectoral approach, Peace Studies, Critical Security Studies and human security). This is followed by an elaboration of what HM involves, including its diversity, value and potential pitfalls. Accompanying the text is a box on using HM to understand arms production and the arms trade and another on using HM to understand the connections between development and security. The conclusion provides an overall assessment of the contribution of HM to the scholarship and politics of security.

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