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Publication - Professor Therese O'Toole

    Political Engagement amongst Ethnic Minority Young People: Making a Difference


    O'Toole, T & Gale, R, 2013, ‘Political Engagement amongst Ethnic Minority Young People: Making a Difference’. Palgrave Macmillan


    This book engages with debates on ethnic minority and Muslim young people showing, beyond apathy and violent political extremism, the diverse forms of political engagement in which young people engage. It situates its analysis of ethnic minority young people’s politics in relation to four areas of social and political change: changing patterns of citizens’ democratic participation manifested in a shift towards more informal and everyday activism; the emergence of more decentred and participatory forms of governance that have pluralized the sites of political participation; shifting conceptions of identities and ethnicity and their implications for identity politics; and the significance of different scales of activism enabled by new information communication technologies. In so doing, the book identifies ‘new grammars of action’ among ethnic minority young people that help to explain their disaffection with mainstream politics and through which they creatively politically participate to make a difference.

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