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Publication - Professor Tariq Modood

    The emergence of the Bristol School of Multiculturalism


    Uberoi, V & Modood, T, 2019, ‘The emergence of the Bristol School of Multiculturalism’. Ethnicities, vol 19., pp. 955-970


    Geoffrey Brahm Levey plausibly describes how a group of scholars who he calls the ‘Bristol School of Multiculturalism’ (BSM) differ from scholars who are often called Liberal Multiculturalists (LMs). We expand Levey's analysis by showing what in the history of the BSM's thought made the liberalism and the multiculturalism of LMs unconvincing for BSM scholars. Hence, we show how certain thinkers influenced BSM scholars in ways that made them unwilling to offer liberal theories and how BSM scholars began their work with multiculturalist ideas that differ from the multiculturalist ideas of LMs.

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