Professor Jeffrey Henderson

Professor Jeffrey Henderson

Professor Jeffrey Henderson
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11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

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Jeffrey Henderson was originally from the counties of Durham and York in northern England. He studied sociology, history and politics at universities in Britain and the United States and is Professor Emeritus of International Development in the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies (SPAIS), University of Bristol. He was previously Director of the University's Centre for East Asian Studies. He has also taught at the Universities of Birmingham, Hong Kong and Manchester, predominantly in interdisciplinary schools of urban studies/planning, business, and development studies. He has held Visiting Professorships or Fellowships at the Universities of Lodz, Warwick, Glasgow, Melbourne, New England, Leeds, California at Berkeley, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz, Kwansei Gakuin University, Kobe and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He was a recipient of a Leverhulme Major Fellowship and has delivered invited lectures at leading universities in China, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Egypt, the UAE, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan and Japan. He has been an advisor to the International Labour Organization, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Council of Europe, as well as to government agencies, politicians and NGOs in Britain and Hong Kong. He is currently Vice-Chair of the China in Europe Research Network (CHERN) which is funded by the EU's Cooperation in Science and Technology Association (COST).


During his career Jeffrey Henderson has made pathbreaking contributions to the study of: institutionalised racism and housing; electronics industries and industrialisation; and economic transformation in East Asia and Central-Eastern Europe. Inter alia, he was among the first to argue that the East Asian economic crisis of the late 1990s was a result of national failures of neoliberal economic governance; and he helped to initiate the concept of the global production network - now the pre-eminent way of understanding the relations between foreign investment and economic development.

in recent years his research has become concerned with the sociology, politics and political economy of economic development more broadly. In so doing he continues to be interested in the developmental consequences of global production networks as well as in the relation of economic governance to inequality and poverty. He has pursued these interests in various parts of East Asia and Europe, as well as in South Africa. His current research is concerned with: (a) the implications, for the developing world and for Europe, of the re-emergence of China as a global power; (b) the elaboration and application of transformation analysis for the study of global development; and (c) the relation between the over-centralisation of the British state and the economic underdevelopment of the British nations and English regions.

Jeffrey Henderson’s books include: Race, Class and State Housing (with Valerie Karn); Global Restructuring and Territorial Development (with Manuel Castells); The Globalisation of High Technology Production; States and Development in the Asian Pacific Rim (with Richard Appelbaum); Industrial Transformation in Eastern Europe in the Light of the East Asian Experience; and East Asian Transformation.


Professor Henderson’s teaching is invariably theoretically engaged, historically grounded and internationally comparative. His recent teaching has included graduate courses on 'International Political Economy', ‘East Asia and Global Development’ and 'Global Transformations', as well as cognate subjects. He supervises PhD students working on the implications of the rise of China for Europe and on aspects of economic and political transformation in Europe and in various parts of the developing world. 

Key publications

  1. Henderson, JW, Appelbaum, RP & Ho, SY, 2013, ‘Globalization with Chinese Characteristics: Externalisation, Dynamics and Transformations’. Development and Change, vol 44., pp. 1221?1253
  2. Henderson, J, 2011, ‘East Asian Transformation: On the Political Economy of Dynamism, Governance and Crisis’. Routledge
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  5. Henderson, JW, 1999, ‘Uneven Crises: Institutional Foundations of East Asian Economic Turmoil’. Economy and Society, vol 28., pp. 327-368

Latest publications

  1. Henderson, J & Jepson, N, 2018, ‘Critical Transformations and Global Development: Materials for a New Analytical Framework’. Area Development and Policy, vol 3., pp. 1-23
  2. Henderson, J & Jepson, N, 2016, ‘Critical Transformations: Re-thinking Zambian Development’. in: SPERI Paper: Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute.
  3. Henderson, J & Ho, SY, 2014, ‘The Upas Tree: The Overdevelopment of London and the Underdevelopment of Britain’. Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy, vol 22., pp. 22-41
  4. Henderson, JW, Appelbaum, RP & Ho, SY, 2013, ‘Globalization with Chinese Characteristics’. Development and Change
  5. Henderson, J, 2012, ‘China and the Changing Nature of Globalisation’. in: Christopher M Dent, Jorn Dosch (eds) The Asia-Pacific, Regionalism and the Global System. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, pp. 169-184

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