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Professor Mair Parry

The main focus of her research is on the syntax of the dialects of Italy, both early and modern, but she also publishes on Italian sociolinguistics, being particularly interested in the question of minority languages due to her Welsh background. She was joint editor of The Changing Voices of Europe. Social and Political changes and their linguistic repercussions (1994) and The Dialects of Italy (1997), while her 2005 monograph is a detailed sociolinguistic and grammatical analysis of a north-western Italian dialect: Parluma 'D Còiri, Sociolinguistica e grammatica del dialetto di Cairo Montenotte. Piedmontese and Ligurian dialects in particular have provided material for a range of synchronic and diachronic morphosyntactic studies, including on the conditional, demonstratives, pronominal clitics, relative, interrogative and exclamative structures, presentational and impersonal / indefinite-subject constructions. Word order and negation in all the early vernaculars were especially fertile areas of enquiry within the context of the AHRB-funded research project with the University of Manchester, Sintassi degli antichi volgari d'Italia (SAVI) (Syntax of the early vernaculars of Italy).  She has recently published invited critical surveys of the history of negation in Italo-Romance and of research trends in Italian sociolinguistics, while joint contributions to the Oxford Guide to the Romance Languages (OUP) on the grammar of northern-Italian dialects and Italian sociolinguistics are in press.