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Publication - Ms Elena McNeilly

    Developing employability skills in teaching a blended-learning translation course to final-year students


    McNeilly, E, 2016, ‘Developing employability skills in teaching a blended-learning translation course to final-year students’.


    The paper analyses outcomes of introducing a pioneering approach to teaching translation at the University of Bristol. This innovation involves a move from traditional classroom-based delivery of a final-year undergraduate translation module to a blended e-learning approach, thus addressing organisational needs (developing an effective mechanism of peer assessment in large translation classes) while achieving a higher quality of work and developing valuable employability skills.

    The primary objective is to show the students that they can improve their translation and analytical skills through conducting research online and by interacting with the other members of the group using a virtual learning environment. Students are encouraged to develop translation strategies, to use a variety of internet-based language resources and to learn to evaluate their own and other students’ work.

    Recent results confirm that this has been an extremely beneficial change. The students developed a better awareness of what is expected of them in assessed assignments. They improved their translation skills and enhanced the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Their communication skills, ability to provide constructive feedback and to analyse their own and other students’ work have also significantly improved. This contributed to the development of transferable employability skills including working as part of a team, critical thinking, communicating and influencing, problem solving, decision making and time management.

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