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Publication - Dr Connor Doak

    Transnational Russian Studies


    Doak, C, Byford, A & Hutchings, S, 2019, ‘Transnational Russian Studies’. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, England


    This volume aims to reposition the discipline of Russian Studies in a transnational framework. Undergraduate programmes are increasingly recognizing the need to provide students not only with a mastery of Russian language and culture, but also with an understanding of how national language and culture exist within a larger, global context. Transnational Russian Studies advocates a curriculum that equips students with skills of intercultural analysis. It aims to define a core set of skills and methodological operations that constitute the study of Russian language and culture as transnational phenomena. Working with the concepts and critical tools that are defined in Transnational Modern Languages: The Handbook, the volume provides a series of essays, written by leading scholars within the field, that demonstrate the type of inquiry that can be pursued into the transnational realities – both material and non-material – that are integral to what we refer to as ‘Russian culture’.

    This volume is under contract with Liverpool University Press. Submission is expected in late 2018 with publication in 2019.

    Full details in the University publications repository