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Dr Raquel Rojo Carrillo

Dr Raquel Rojo Carrillo

Dr Raquel Rojo Carrillo

Honorary Research Associate

Area of research

Text, liturgy and music in the Old Hispanic rite: the vespertinus genre

Victoria Rooms,
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In very general terms I am interested in understanding how Old Hispanic chant developed during the 400 years that separate its earliest and its latest sources with musical notation, and in how this development occurred across the different contexts in which these sources were copied. I am approaching this very general question through an analysis of the vespertinus genre, in which I cover textual, musical and liturgical variables. I chose this genre because it appears in most Old Hispanic chant manuscripts, throughout the entire liturgical year, in different types of offices (i.e., temporale, sanctorale, litanies, and in votive and other offices for special occasions), and because it can be contrasted with chants that have the same placement and function in other rites (namely the Milanese lucernaria and the Neo-Mozarabic laudes), allowing a broader geographical, chronological and liturgical contextualisation of the Old Hispanic rite.

The vespertinus is the first chant that was sung in the Old Hispanic vespers service. Vespers were normally chanted every evening as the first service of each liturgical day, before the rest of the services. Thus, the vespertinus was the very first chant to be sung in each office and its function was to introduce an important topic of the day. Vespertini also open second vespers, which were the last service of certain liturgical days. Here the vespertinus would remind an important topic of the day and/or have a praising role. 



Raquel's area of expertise is medieval Western Christian liturgies. Her current research is focused on the Old Hispanic rite. Raquel earned a PhD in Music at the University of Bristol in 2017, with a doctoral dissertation entitled ‘Text, liturgy and music in the Old Hispanic rite: the vespertinus genre’. At University of Bristol, she is also part of the Executive Committee of the Centre for Medieval Studies. Raquel is the Coordinator of Hispanic Sources of the Spanish Early Music Database. She started researching on Old Hispanic chant as part of the PhD programme at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, earning an Advanced Professional Diploma in Music and joining the research project El canto llano en la época de la polifonía (CLEP), where she continues to be an active member. Previously she completed the postgraduate course “Musicology for the Preservation of Ibero-American Musical Heritage”, thanks to a scholarship granted by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Madrid, Spain). Raquel graduated from the Madrid Royal Conservatory where she studied Musicology. While living in Spain, this Conservatory, as well as Fundación Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero and the International Music Course “Música en Compostela” awarded her prizes recognising her musicological work.

Raquel also has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Communications from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela), and as a music journalist and critic has written several articles that have been published in journals, newspapers and classical music magazines of the UK (Early Music), Venezuela (El Nacional) and Spain (PúblicoDoce Notas and Audio Clásica, among other publications). Additionally, she has been part of the Schola Cantorum of the University of Bristol, and, in Caracas (Venezuela), of Orquesta del Conservatorio Juan José Landaeta, Coral Venezuela, theatre groups Teatro UCAB and Ago Teatro, and also a founder member of Orquesta Juvenil de Chacao. In the past she has held positions in EMI Music Spain’s Marketing team, renowned international law firms such as Hoyng Monegier and Pérez Llorca, and charities London Music Masters (UK) and Fundación Medatia (Venezuela). Since 2009 she is a 10k and half-marathon amateur runner.


Introduction to Medieval History tutor

Inside Medieval Music

Readings in Musicology


  • Old Hispanic Chant
  • Medieval chant
  • Medieval music
  • Medieval studies
  • Liturgy/transmission
  • Codicology
  • Palaeography
  • Music analysis
  • Notation
  • Musicology
  • Music History
  • Music
  • Hispanic studies
  • Other interests (previous professional experience and investigations): music criticism and press history.

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