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Dr Pete Falconer

My research interests revolve around the forms and genres of popular cinema, particularly Hollywood cinema.  The genre on which I have worked most extensively is the Western, but I have also written on horror films and other areas of popular culture, including country music.  My ongoing emphasis on film criticism and aesthetics is reflected on my published pieces on individual Westerns (Winchester ’73, The Wonderful Country and Appaloosa), which variously develop my PhD work on melancholy in studio-era Hollywood Westerns and my interests in film violence, film style, popular music and the treatment and inflection of recurrent conventions across different movies.  My interest on melancholy and violence in Westerns is also an important context for my journal article, 'The night-time town as an alternative space in the Western genre’.

My current focus is on the “afterlife” of the Hollywood Western: the period since the genre ceased to be a regular feature of mainstream American filmmaking and the implications of this changed context for what remains of the genre.  I am writing a monograph which explores this topic in relation to a number of Westerns and Western-related works released since 1985.  I have also extended my discussion of the “afterlife” of the Western into other generic and historical contexts in my chapters for collections on Spaghetti Westerns and on time-travel in popular media.  This work has developed my interests in intertextuality and rhetoric in genre movies, which also form an important part of my monograph.

Research keywords

  • Hollywood
  • Popular film genres
  • Westerns
  • horror movies
  • film criticism
  • film style and aesthetics
  • film music
  • film violence
  • censorship
  • intertextuality.