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Publication - Professor John Adams

    Performative Locations: wilderness space and place in early film


    Adams, J, 2006, ‘Performative Locations: wilderness space and place in early film’. in: G Giannachi, N Stewart (eds) Performing Nature: Explorations in Ecology and the Arts. Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, pp. 85 - 101


    Since 1895 the practices of location filming have drawn the physical environment into the realm of cinematic setting. Taking the natural landscape as a performative construct, the essay develops an original concept of wilderness scenography with reference to 'Rescued from an Eagle's Nest' (Edison Manufacturing Co., USA,1908), one of the first films to foreground the production values of wilderness iconography. Cinematic space and place are seen as sites of enactment through which meaning and values materialise, with particular reference to ideas of nature and the natural.

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