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Dr Francesca Fulminante


As a young Classicist and Archaeologist in Rome I was trained in Latin and Greek languages and Roman and Greek civilizations and obtained an MA (hon) and MPhil at La Sapienza, Rome. I then worked on (and continue to contribute to) excavations in key sites for Mediterranean Archaeology such as Rome, Veii, Pompeii, Crustumerium and more recently Gubbio-Perugia, where I had the role of Deputy-Director.

I came to England in 2004 to complete my PhD at the University of Cambridge on the political and physical landscape of early Rome, analyzed by using GIS tools and published by CUP in 2014. After a few research and teaching positions at leading Higher Education Institutions across Europe, I now live and work between Bristol and Rome; teaching and developing a number of projects surrounding Pre-Roman and Roman culture and objects analyzed through the mean of digital tools.




Department of Archaeology and Anthropology