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Dr Alex Franklin

Through my research I aim to understand why there is anything other than fundamental physics. That is, I seek to characterise and explain the existence of the special (non-fundamental) sciences. I think that features of lower-level systems (e.g. quantum mechanics or neurophysiology) can help explain the stability and autonomy of higher-level systems (respectively: classical mechanics or psychology). As such, my framework might be called 'reductionist'.

Much of my work involves the detailed examination of case studies, primarily sourced from physics; though future work will tackle cases in the biological and social sciences. In each case, I identify the structures and mechanisms which freeze out a set of lower-level variables, thus rendering the higher-level systems relatively autonomous. I claim that this ends up providing us with a reductive explanation of the emergence of higher-level science.

Research keywords

  • Philosophy of Physics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Race