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Publication - Mr Stoyan Trilov

    NA48/62 latest results


    Marchevski, R, Aliberti, R, Ambrosino, F, Ammendola, R, Angelucci, B, Antonelli, A, Anzivino, G, Arcidiacono, R, Barbanera, M, Biagioni, A, Bician, L, Biino, C, Bizzeti, A, Blazek, T, Bloch-Devaux, B, Bonaiuto, V, Boretto, M, Bragadireanu, M, Brizioli, F, Brunetti, MB, Bryman, D, Bucci, F, Capussela, T, Ceccucci, A, Cenci, P, Cerny, V, Cerri, C, Checcucci, B, Conovaloff, A, Gil, EC, Corvino, M, Costan-tini, F, Ramusino, AC, Coward, D, D’Agostini, G, Dainton, J, Dalpiaz, P, Danielsson, H, De Simone, N, Di Filippo, D & others 2017, ‘NA48/62 latest results’. Proceedings of Science, vol 2017-June.


    The NA62 experiment at the CERN SPS recorded in 2007 a large sample of K+ ? µ+?µ decays. A peak search in the missing mass spectrum of this decay is performed. In the absence of observed signal, the limits obtained on B(K+ ? µ+?h) and on the mixing matrix element |Uµ 4| are reported. The upgraded NA62 experiment started data taking in 2015. About 5×1011K+ decays have been recorded so far to measure the branching ratio of the K+ ? ?+?? decay. Preliminary results from the K+ ? ?+?? analysis based on about 5% of the 2016 statistics are reported.

    Full details in the University publications repository