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Publication - Mr Stoyan Trilov

    Search for K + → π + ννat the NA62 experiment


    Duk, V, Rinella, GA, Aliberti, R, Ambrosino, F, Ammendola, R, Angelucci, B, Antonelli, A, Anzivino, G, Arcidiacono, R, Azhinenko, I, Balev, S, Barbanera, M, Bendotti, J, Biagioni, A, Bician, L, Biino, C, Bizzeti, A, Blazek, T, Blik, A, Bloch-Devaux, B, Bolotov, V, Bonaiuto, V, Boretto, M, Bragadireanu, M, Britvich, G, Brunetti, MB, Bryman, D, Bucci, F, Butin, F, Capitolo, E, Capoccia, C, Capussela, T, Cassese, A, Catinaccio, A, Ceccucci, AA, Cenci, P, Cerny, V, Cerri, C, Checcucci, B, Chikilev, O & others 2016, ‘Search for K + → π + ννat the NA62 experiment’. EPJ Web of Conferences, vol 130.


    Looking for phenomena beyond the Standard Model (SM) in rare decays is a complementary approach to direct searches for New Physics (NP) at colliders. One of the theoretically cleanest processes is the ultra rare decay K+ → π+νν. The goal of the NA62 experiment at CERN SPS is to measure the branching ratio (BR) of this decay with 10% precision. The experiment has been launched in 2014. In 2015, the detector was commissioned at a low intensity beam. The experimental setup is described and performances achieved in 2015 are discussed in view of the final measurement.

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