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Publication - Dr Paolo Baesso

    The AIDA-2020 TLU

    a Flexible Trigger Logic Unit for Test Beam Facilities


    Baesso, PG, Cussans, DG & Goldstein, J, 2019, ‘The AIDA-2020 TLU: a Flexible Trigger Logic Unit for Test Beam Facilities’. Journal of Instrumentation, vol 14.


    The AIDA-2020 Trigger Logic Unit (TLU) has been designed to be a flexible and easily configurable unit to provide trigger and control signals to devices employed during test beams, integrating them with the beam telescope. The most recent iteration of the TLU (v1E) has been re-designed within the AIDA-2020 project to integrate with hardware used in beam facilities.
    Configuration and communication with the TLU are performed over Ethernet. It can be employed as a stand-alone unit or be deployed as part of the EUDAQ2 data acquisition framework, which allows it to connect to a wide range of LHC readout systems.
    The TLU can operate with a sustained particle rate of 1 MHz and with instantaneous rates up to 20 MHz. In the current firmware iteration, the unit can time-stamp incoming signals with a resolution of 1.5 ns.
    The hardware, firmware and software designs of the TLU are freely accessible and benefit from constant inputs and upgrades from experienced users. TLU units have already been deployed successfully in beam lines at CERN and DESY.

    Full details in the University publications repository