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Publication - Professor Jonas Rademacker

    Measurements of the branching fractions of Λc+ → pπ−π+, Λc+ → pK−K+, and Λc+ → pπ−K+


    Adinolfi, M, Buchanan, E, Chapman, M, Cook, A, Dalseno, J, Harnew, S, Kariuki, J, Maddrell-Mander, S, Naik, P, Petridis, K, Pomery, G, Price, EP, Prouve, C, Quagliani, R, Rademacker, J, Richards, S, Saunders, D, Skidmore, N, Velthuis, J & , 2018, ‘Measurements of the branching fractions of Λc+ → pπ−π+, Λc+ → pK−K+, and Λc+ → pπ−K+’. Journal of High Energy Physics, vol 43.


    The ratios of the branching fractions of the decays Λ c +  → π+, Λ c +  → pKK+, and Λ c +  → K+ with respect to the Cabibbo-favoured Λ c +  → pKπ+
    decay are measured using proton-proton collision data collected with
    the LHCb experiment at a 7 TeV centre-of-mass energy and corresponding
    to an integrated luminosity of 1.0 fb−1:
    where the uncertainties are statistical and systematic, respectively.
    These results are the most precise measurements of these quantities to
    date. When multiplied by the world-average value for B(Λ+c→pK−π+), the corresponding branching fractions are
    where the final uncertainty is due to B(Λ+c→pK−π+).

    Full details in the University publications repository