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Publication - Dr Jake Kennard

    Integrated silicon photonics for high-speed quantum key distribution


    Sibson, P, Kennard, JE, Stanisic, S, Erven, C, O’Brien, JL & Thompson, MG, 2017, ‘Integrated silicon photonics for high-speed quantum key distribution’. Optica, vol 4., pp. 172-177


    Integrated photonics offers great potential for quantum communication devices in terms of complexity, robustness, and scalability. Silicon photonics in particular is a leading platform for quantum photonic technologies, with further benefits of miniaturization, cost-effective device manufacture, and compatibility with CMOS microelectronics. However, effective techniques for high-speed modulation of quantum states in standard silicon photonic platforms have been limited. Here we overcome this limitation and demonstrate high-speed low-error quantum key distribution modulation with silicon photonic devices combining slow thermo-optic DC biases and fast (10 GHz bandwidth) carrier-depletion modulation. The ability to scale up these integrated circuits and incorporate microelectronics opens the way to new and advanced integrated quantum communication technologies and larger adoption of quantumsecured communications.

    Full details in the University publications repository