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Astro Theory and Particle Phenomenology

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The group develop numerical simulation code to solve problems of planet formation. The techniques have been used to to address several specific problems, including:

(i) the effects of collisions on the chemical composition and physical structure of comets and their precursor bodies.

(ii) the formation of satellites and families via collisions.

(iii) the development of generalized collision outcomes for planet formation simulations.

The group look at theories of modified gravity and other extensions of General Relativity. There is also interest in string theory motivated modifications of gravity.

The search for supersymmetric (SUSY) particles is one of the top priorities at the Large Hadron Collider. To obtain a complete as possible picture, we are involved in phenomenological interpretations of all experimental results as part of the MasterCode collaboration. The MasterCode uses the latest state of the art calculations for the electroweak precision, flavour physics and cosmological observables. Another key aim of the group is the high-precision measurement of the charge-parity violation; such a precision measurement is a key building block in the search for physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. To achieve this goal the group has developed a sophisticated multi-dimensional Dalitz fitting technique, which is effectively looking for interference patterns in an abstract space.