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Publication - Dr David Benito-Alifonso

    Imidazolium-tagged glycan probes for non-covalent labeling of live cells


    Benito-Alifonso, D, Tremell, S, Sadler, JC, Berry, M & Galan, MC, 2016, ‘Imidazolium-tagged glycan probes for non-covalent labeling of live cells’. Chemical Communications, vol 52., pp. 4906-4909


    Selective, bioorthogonal and fast labeling of glycoconjugates in living cells is a major challenge for synthetic and cellular biology. Here we report the use imidazolium tagged-mannosamine derivative (ITag-Man) for the non-covalent, rapid and site-specific labeling of sialic acid containing glycoproteins using commercial N-nitrilotriacetate fluorescent reagents in a range of cell lines.

    Full details in the University publications repository