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Mr Daniel Saunders

Mr Daniel Saunders

Mr Daniel Saunders

Visting Research Associate

Area of research

Particle Physics

HH Wills Physics Laboratory,
Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL
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Research summary


I am currently working towards my PhD in Particle Physics, focusing on detector development for the LHCb Vertex Locator (VELO). The upgrade of the LHC will result in a far higher luminosity than has ever been experienced at a particle detector, and this brings various challenges when building new detectors; particularly in terms of speed and radiation hardness. More specifically, my interests focus on the software development and algorithms used for event reconstruction (see below).

My previous research projects include:

Visualising 5d data at LHCb (Bristol 2013)

Detector development for polarimetry at the ILC (DESY, Hamburg, 2012)

CMS trigger ...

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Recent publications

  • Abreu, Y, Amhis, Y, Ban, G, Beaumont, W, Binet, S, Bongrand, M, Boursette, D, Castle, BC, Chanal, H, Clark, K, Coupé, B, Crochet, P, Cussans, D, De Roeck, A, Durand, D, Fallot, M, Ghys, L, Giot, L, Graves, K, Guillon, B, Henaff, D, Hosseini, B, Ihantola, S, Jenzer, S, Kalcheva, S, Kalousis, LN, Labare, M, Lehaut, G, Manley, S, Manzanillas, L, Mermans, J, Michiels, I, Monteil, S, Moortgat, C, Newbold, D, Park, J, Pestel, V, Petridis, K, Piñera, I, Popescu, L & others 2019, ‘Development of a quality assurance process for the SoLid experiment’. Journal of Instrumentation, vol 14.
  • Adinolfi, M, Buchanan, E, Chapman, M, Cook, A, Dalseno, J, Harnew, S, Kariuki, J, Maddrell-Mander, S, Naik, P, Petridis, K, Pomery, G, Price, EP, Prouve, C, Quagliani, R, Rademacker, J, Richards, S, Saunders, D, Skidmore, N, Velthuis, J & , 2018, ‘Measurements of the branching fractions of Λc+ → pπ−π+, Λc+ → pK−K+, and Λc+ → pπ−K+. Journal of High Energy Physics, vol 43.

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