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Dr Philip Langton


Below you will find a list of links to learning and teaching resources that I've developed in recent years:

An on-line tutorial that helps you develop the strategies useful in dealing with data interpretation or data handling problems. This on-line tutorial will take you about 45 minutes to an hour to work through and assumes that you have covered some cardiovascular physiology (first year level).

Another very similar on-line tutorial. This tutorial should also take you about 45 minutes to an hour to work through and will be useful if you have covered basic cell physiology and need to consider the relation between membrane permeability (opening of ion channels) and membrane potential. Although designed for first year students, students in second and even final year have found this tutorial effective and even challenging.

A highly popular collection of resources developed for element 3 which is part of the Unit 'Molecular and Cellular Basis of Medicine' in first year medicine. There are all manor of materials, MCQs, extra notes on the 'ulnar nerve' laboratory practical as well as so-called 'tutorials' on parts of the course that students find difficult. There is a link to this collection of resources within the Blackboard site supporting the Unit 'Molecular and Cellular Basis of Medicine'.