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Professor Richard Apps


I organised Bristol Neuruoscince Festival (2013, 2016) and take part in 'Brain Awareness Week' each year, helping to demonstrate and talk about neuroscience with all members of the public with other members of BN.  We use different hands-on activities, such as puzzles, models, microscopes and more, in order to engage interest and conversation about the brain.

Occasionally I also give talks in schools.

Research findings

  • Cerebro-ponto-cerebellar connections
  • Discovery of novel Cerebro-cerebellar connections Read more >
  • Role of the lateral cerebellum in visuomotor control
  • Gating of transmission in olivocerebellar pathways
  • We have demonstrated that cerebellar purkinje cells can generate an internal model of a moving external object Read more >
  • The role of the PAG in regulating motor activity in conditions such as chronic pain Read more >