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Publication - Dr Jessica Buchan

    Effective Consulting Teaching Within a New Curriculum


    Brown, J, Thompson, T, Buchan, J & Grove, L, 2018, ‘Effective Consulting Teaching Within a New Curriculum’.


    Learning to consult in the clinical setting is an essential component at all medical schools and the GMC provides overarching objectives in the document Outcomes for Doctors. However, there is a vast spectrum of how clinical
    consultation is integrated and delivered within medical curricula. At the University of Bristol Medical School, consultation teaching traditionally focused on whole case role play and clinical learning. In the development of our
    innovative undergraduate curriculum we took the opportunity to re-evaluate delivery of learning opportunities for consulting. We believe students deserve an undergraduate course which provides cohesive learning of clinical
    consultation, incorporating clinical reasoning, clinical communication and clinical skills, through all years of medical school, and which meets the requirements in the consensus statement released by the UK Council for Clinical
    Communication Skills Teaching.
    The purpose of this poster is to explain the development of this new clinical communication course, Effective Consulting (EC), and provide preliminary findings from its application in practice.

    Full details in the University publications repository