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Ms Chris Cooper

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  • , Gopalakrishna, G, Langendam, M, Scholten, RJPM, Bossuyt, P, Leeflang, M, Noel-Storr, A, Thomas, J, Marshall, I, Wallace, B, Whiting, P, Davenport, C, Leeflang, M, GopalaKrishna, G, Salis, Id, Mallett, S, Wolff, R, Whiting, P, Riley, R, Deeks, JJ, Martin, EC, Riley, RD, Mann, GB, Smith, H, Groenwold, R, Smith, S, Harris, J, Mumford, A, Plummer, Z, Reeves, B, Rogers, C, Verheyden, V, Angelini, GD, Murphy, GJ, Ma, J, Cox, T, Sanghera, S, Mohiuddin, S, Martin, R, Donovan, J & others 2017, ‘Erratum to: Methods for evaluating medical tests and biomarkers’. Diagnostic and Prognostic Research, vol 1., pp. 11

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