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Name Job title Email Phone number
Mr Broncio Aguilar Sanjuan Mathematics (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 18211
Mr Edgar Assing Mathematics (PhD)
Ms Emma Bailey Mathematics (PhD)
Ms Kirsti Biggs Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Chris Cade Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Patrick Cannon Mathematics (PhD)
Miss Fan Chen Mathematics (PhD)
Miss Nirvana Coppola Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Xiaoyang Dai Biological Sciences (PhD)
Mr Ian Gallagher Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Scott Harper Mathematics (PhD)
Miss Charlie Johnson Mathematics (PhD)
Ms Kathryn Leeming Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Chris Lutsko Mathematics (PhD)
Ms Adelina Manzateanu Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Dan Saattrup Nielsen Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Bertrand Nortier Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Felipe Perez Pereira Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Harry Petyt Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Tom Plastow Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Nick Rome Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Ed Skevington Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Christopher Turner Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Chang Zhang Mathematics (PhD)