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Publication - Professor Andrew Charlesworth

    PIAs in the UK


    Charlesworth, A & Warren, A, 2012, ‘PIAs in the UK’. in: P De Hert, D Wright (eds) Privacy Impact Assessments: Engaging Stakeholders in Protecting Privacy. Springer, pp. 205 - 224


    The analysis commences with an overview of the UK legislative and policy framework, and the extent to which this influenced the development of a methodology for the conduct of PIAs within the UK. It then considers the UK PIA process, drawing from examples of PIAs undertaken since the publication of the ICO’s PIA handbook. The practicalities of conducting a PIA are illustrated through a case study of the UK 2011 census, informed by empirical research conducted by the authors during July and August 2010. This is followed by a discussion of lessons learnt from the national experience to date, identifying potential pitfalls, misconceptions and gaps in understanding. Possible future directions for PIAs in the UK are discussed, paying attention to the drive towards a proactive approach to regulation, the influence of cross-jurisdictional technologies and the involvement of the private sector in creating and using systems to facilitate accountability and compliance.

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