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Ms Tessa Alexander


I'm a Senior Systems Developer with a background in web development.

Skills, Knowledge & Experience

Tessa Alexander is a Senior Systems Developer with over 15 years experience in web development across a range of sectors including Finance and Government. Tessa develops websites and applications using various tools including Python, Django (an open source Python web framework), PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cassandra (a NoSQL database), HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Tessa is a certified ScrumMaster and has experience with various programming methodologies, techniques and good practice such as pair programming, source control management including using Git, Mercurial, & SVN, issue tracking tools such as JIRA, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration & Jenkins. Tessa is experienced in customising various open source software including WordPress.  Tessa has experience replicating development and deployment environments using Vagrant and Puppet configuration management.


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