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Professor Andrew Dick


Immune mechanisms of autoimmune disorders of the eye. The ophthalmic-immunology group's work focuses on how the retina responds to injury, inflammation and degeneration. This covers areas which include: -The control of immune responses in the retina which includes the interaction with microglia and inhibitory signals mediated by neuronal CD200 expression and matrix (TSP). -The myeloid cell control of angiogenesis during wound healing and chronic inflammation. -Autoimmune responses within the eye and brain, by studying both T cell and macrophage responses within the tissue during experimental retinal and CNS autoimmunity. -Microglial and macrophage behaviour during retinal degeneration by studying experimental models of photoreceptor degeneration. -Retinal remodelling by studying the interaction of microglia, Muller cells and retinal progenitor cells. -Development of immunomodulatory agents for the treatment of uveitis, investigated in the experimental model of uveitis. - Clinical trials for inflammatory eye disease and retinal diseases such as Age related macular degeneration

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Key words

  • autoimmunity
  • retinal neural progenitor cell research
  • graft rejection
  • macrophages
  • microglia
  • uveitis
  • Retinal disease