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Publication - Dr Nina Williams

    Creative processes

    from interventions in art to intervallic experiments through Bergson


    Williams, N, 2016, ‘Creative processes: from interventions in art to intervallic experiments through Bergson’. Environment and Planning A, vol 48., pp. 1549-1564


    The recent turn to creativity in geography has led to a proliferation of methodological frameworks that enable us to look at and think about the world differently. For the most part, creativity in geography gets mobilised as an artistic endeavour through empirical research with a particular person or product. One implication of this focus is that creativity gets tied to a foundational subject as the instigator of creative practice. In this paper I want to unpack creativity in geography through a particular theoretical lens, in order to explore a wider array of creative agencies. To this end I turn to Henri Bergson, and his very specific notion of creativity as a process of intuition at the interval. Crucially, Bergson offers a way of processually rethinking the corporeality and materiality of creative practice, enabling us to broaden our engagements with creativity so that they are more open to the diverse ways the material world engages us.

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