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Publication - Dr Mark Jackson

    Nature, critique, ontology, and some decolonial options

    problematizing ‘the political’


    Jackson, M, 2018, ‘Nature, critique, ontology, and some decolonial options: problematizing ‘the political’’. in: Terry Marsden (eds) SAGE Handbook of Nature: Three Volume Set. SAGE Publications Ltd, London, pp. 235-266


    This chapter explores the implications for politics and the space of ‘the political’ in light of recent ontological approaches to nature and the environment. My intention is to parse out broadly how and why significant changes to how we think about politics and the meaning of critique arise in recent efforts to re-centre ‘the political’ via ontological debates. I do this by explaining how the space of the political emerges from a genealogy of political critique as it develops in relation both to nature and the idea of a critical, human...

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