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Publication - Dr Mark Jackson

    Agonism, critical political geography, and the new geographies of peace


    Bregazzi, H & Jackson, M, 2018, ‘Agonism, critical political geography, and the new geographies of peace’. Progress in Human Geography, vol 42., pp. 72-91


    Why does critical political geography struggle to address, and research, peace? Recent efforts in geography do seek positive accounts of peace, but we argue that critical geographies remain problematically reliant on social agonism. Dominant theoretical lenses used to address critical politics reproduce dissension as the causal grammar of critical sociality and the constitutive effect of difference. We seek an alternative account of peace and sociality. The first half of the paper diagnoses how prevailing conceptual approaches to critique privilege agonism. The second half advances a positive account of peace, without losing the critical tenor of post-foundationalist or relational political insights.

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