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Dr Jamie Wilson

Interactions between plankton ecosystems, biogeochemistry and climate

I am interested in the interactions between marine plankton ecosystems, biogeochemistry, the carbon cycle and climate. I primarily develop and use numerical models ocean biogeochemistry and the Earth system.

Current research areas:

  • Implications of processes affecting organic carbon fluxes in the twilight zone (mesopelagic) for future changes in carbon fluxes and NPP (funded by AXA Research Fund)
  • Developing and using the EcoGEnIE model, a trait-based ecosystem model coupled with an Earth system model.
  • Dynamics of plankton ecosystems, biogeochemistry and climate in past climates, e.g., impact of mass extinction events on biogeochemistry, plankton ecosystems in warm climates, evolution of plankton through time.
  • Developing and using biogeochemical models based on the Transport Matrix Method  (a method of diagnosing steady-state ocean transport). 
  • The role of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in marine biogeochemistry and the carbon cycle.

Research keywords

  • Carbon cycle
  • Marine Biogeochemistry
  • Earth system modelling
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Transport matrices
  • Particulate Organic Carbon fluxes
  • Phytoplankton diversity and evolution