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Dr Jack Landy

Remote Sensing of Arctic Sea Ice

My research principally involves the application of geodetic techniques for observing, understanding & modelling the physical properties of Arctic sea ice. I use tools such as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), satellite laser & radar altimetry, and complex polarimetric radar to study sea ice surface roughness and the way sea ice melts during Arctic summer months. Remote sensing data are complimented by field observations of the seasonally-changing ocean-sea ice-atmosphere system, collected during dedicated fieldwork campaigns in the Canadian Arctic.

I am currently a Research Fellow of the European Space Agency EOScience4Society Living Planet Program.

Ongoing projects include:

- Operation IceBridge Validation Campaign (understanding the effects of snow and sea ice surface roughness on the CReSIS frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) snow radar returns) with ECCC & NOAA

- LARM (Lognormal altimeter retracking model; simulating SAR altimeter echoes backscattered from layered snow and sea ice) with UCL and U. Victoria

- ArcticSummIT (Arctic Summer Ice Thickness; developing new methods for measuring sea ice thickness during Arctic summer months) with ECCC & AWI

- DiatomARCTIC (Diatom Autecological Responses with Changes To Ice Cover; understanding and modelling the species-specific responses of sea ice algae to future chnages in their physical environment) with SAMS, AWI & SYKR

Research keywords

  • Sea Ice
  • Radar
  • Altimetry