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Publication - Professor Elaine Kempson

    The Child Trust Fund - findings from the wave 2 evaluation


    Kempson, H, Finney, A & Davies, S, 2011, ‘The Child Trust Fund - findings from the wave 2 evaluation’. HM Revenue & Customs


    The Child Trust Fund (CTF) was a Government initiative that provided an asset for every eligible child in the United Kingdom born since 1 September 2002.

    At the inception of the CTF, HM Revenue & Customs commissioned a baseline study to describe the levels of saving for, and by, children. The study was undertaken during 2005 and early 2006.

    This 2010-11 evaluation was undertaken five years after the inception of the initiative in 2005 as the first cohort of children eligible for a CTF account was turning seven years old. The aims of the evaluation were to explore perceptions of its delivery and examine whether there was evidence of early impacts of the initiative in terms of parents‟ and guardians‟ attitudes and behaviour towards saving for children.

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