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Dr Ed Atkins


Based at the School of Geographical Sciences, I currently teach on the following units:

World in Crisis? (GEOG16001)

Key Concepts in Human and Physical Geography (GEOG10003)

Sustainable Development (UNIV10001)

Environmental Policy and Politics (GEOGM1409)

Sustainability, Risk and Resilience in the Urban Age (GEOGM0037)


I have previously taught on the following undergraduate units:

School of Geographical Sciences

2017/18 - State, Economy and Society in Geographical Perspective: Part 2 - Development, Democracy and (In)Equality (GEOG20005)

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

2016/17 -  Comparative Government and Politics (POLI11103)
2015/16 - International Political Economy (SPAI10005)