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Ms Victoria Newton


Programmes/courses I teach on:

International Foundation Programme (IFP)

Academic Language and Literacy (ALL)

Pre-sessional (PS) summer programme


Teaching Profile:

I have been teaching English for over 20 years, working in the UK as well as Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa and Malawi.  I have held various roles within English language education (i.e. Teacher, Academic Manager, Principal, Research Manager) with a single focus on ensuring education is inclusive and accessible. I love being a student as well as a teacher. As a TEFLQ-qualified teacher with an MA in Language Learning and Education, I am currently broadening my knowledge of blended learning and looking to blend my careers in community learning and EAP through doctorate studies in the future.



Sociolinguistics and anthropology interests have led me into management in other fields (hospitality and international development), whereas wellbeing and pain management interests have produced qualifications in Pilates and my own wellbeing business. Making education accessible for marginalised groups fascinates me. Breaking down perceived barriers to success is an amazing milestone in any learning journey and I find facilitating that process incredibly enjoyable.