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Miss Lisa Hanson


I am the Deputy Director here at CELFS with a focus on postgraduate studies.  Duties include oversight of the various academic language and literacy provisions the Centre provides to all current University of Bristol students at post-graduate taught and post-graduate research level in addition to the Centre's pre-sessional provision for potential Post-graduate students at the University.

After graduating with a degree in Russian Language and Culture at the University of Canterbury, NZ, I started teaching at a private language school.  I also obtained the Trinity dipTESOL while teaching there.  After 5 years of teaching in NZ, I moved to the UK in 2006 where I began teaching at the University of Northampton.  I moved to Bristol to take up a position at the University of Bristol in September 2014.  

My areas of research interest are:

-   Motivation and attitude in language acquisition

-   Vocabulary acquisition

-   Extensive Reading & its integration into EAP

-   Academic literacies 

-   Blended learning