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Publication - Professor Ole Thomsen

    Delamination prediction on CFRP materials subjected to a lightning strike


    Harrell, TM, Thomsen, OT, Barton, JM & Carloni, L, 2018, ‘Delamination prediction on CFRP materials subjected to a lightning strike’.


    This paper presents a coupled thermal-electric-mechanical model to predict the delamination damage of a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) material when subjected to a lightning strike. A Finite Element Model (FEM) is used to predict the heat response of the CFRP material by solving the Joule heating governing equations. The results of the heat response are coupled with thermal stresses to predicte interlaminar stresses. A bilinear traction law is used to predict the delamination of the laminate. Solutions to the model are developed using a time dependent simulation with the 10/350?s standard waveform to mimic a typical lightning strike on a wind turbine blade in accordance to IEC61400 section 24 Ed 1.0. The time dependent model implements damage criteria and is able to identify damaged elements. The COMSOL software engine was used to derive the results from the thermal-electrical-mechanical model. The final result is a delamination map of the CFRP panel subjected to a lightning discharge.

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