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Publication - Mr Matt Davis

    Dynamic Virtual Network Reconfiguration Over SDN Orchestrated Multitechnology Optical Transport Domains


    Aguado, A, Davis, MJ, Peng, S, Alvarez, M, Lopez, V, Szykowiec, T, Autenrieth, A, Vialta, R, Mayoral, A, Munoz, R, Casellas, R, Martinez, R, Yoshikane, N, Tsuritani, T, Nejabati, R & Simeonidou, D, 2016, ‘Dynamic Virtual Network Reconfiguration Over SDN Orchestrated Multitechnology Optical Transport Domains’. Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol 34., pp. 1933-1938


    Network virtualization is an emerging technique that enables multiple tenants to share an underlying physical infrastructure, isolating the traffic running over different virtual infrastructures/tenants. This technique aims to improve network utilization, while reducing the complexities in terms of network management for operators. Applied to this context, software defined networking (SDN) paradigm can ease network configurations by enabling network programmability and automation, which reduces the amount of operations required from both service and infrastructure providers. SDN techniques are decreasing vendor lock-in issues due to specific configuration methods or protocols. Application-based Network Operations (ABNO) is a toolbox of key network functional components with the goal of offering application-driven network management. Service provisioning using ABNO may involve direct configuration of data plane elements or delegate it to several control plane modules. We validate the applicability of ABNO to multi-tenant virtual networks in multi-technology optical domains based on two scenarios, in which multiple control plane instances are orchestrated by the architecture. Congestion Detection and Failure Recovery, are chosen to demonstrate fast recalculation and reconfiguration, while hiding the configurations in the physical layer from the upper layer.

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